GGAL Post-its: How to Destroy College Deadlines

Sup busy bees!

Welcome back to GGAL Post-its! The series that brings the brain candy in bite size bursts!

It’s finally December which for most people means the countdown to the festive period. But as someone who finished studying on a couple months ago, I know that students know this as something else… deadline month (talk about nightmare before Christmas!)

But worry not, I’ve got a little trick up my sleeve to get you through this minefield of a month. Now if you played Skyrim you may remember the mountain you need to climb to get to High Hrothgar and the 7000 steps that’s entails. That mountain aka the Throat of the World (didn’t even need to look that up), is often what deadlines and essays can feel like. But don’t worry, I have a plan (so have some faith Arthur!)

Ever been told not to make mountains out of molehills? Well I say make molehills out of mountains! Don’t think of it as a 7000 step mountain, think of 7000 little molehills. Each one can be conquered with ease and each victory worthy of self praise.

Now you may have heard of breaking a task into smaller, more manageable chunks right? We’ll forget that! We’re blowing that coursework up into smithereens. Breaking your work down into the smallest possible pieces. A classic case of divide and conquer (Ulfric Stormcloak would be proud).

So how do you do this?

1. For starters you need to view the progress as something countable for example via word count. So let’s say it’s a 2000 word essay.

2. Find how many days before you need to hand it in (ideally before the deadline day though I can’t lie that was usually my hand in day). So let’s say 2 weeks.

3. Now divide the first by the second, so 2000 divided by 14 = 143 (rounded up)

4. You’re new daily word count is 143! Less than half of what you’ve just read!

5. Now for the best part, once you hit your word count you can check the day of as successful! Go play Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption 2. Maybe take a nap. Or…

6. Maybe push on. You’re already at the top of your personal daily mountain, and since you’ve got no more commitments and nothing more to stare up and, pushing forward is nowhere near as daunting or scary!

And there you have it. Even if you feel terrible, tired or just play apathetic that day, all you have to do is hit that tiny daily minimum. And if you’re feeling great, then keep going! All that will do is make the rest of your daily word counts go down.

So that’s my method at tackling deadlines on a post-it!

GG Everyone

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