GGAL Post-it: Riding Shotgun

Sup busy bees!

Welcome back to GGAL Post-its! The series that brings the brain candy in bite size bursts!

Due to a mild obsession with a certain Rock Star blockbuster game, this week gets to be cowboy week.

So anyone who has ever ridden in a car with more than one other person knows the fates duel that takes place: calling shotgun. A ritual whose winner earns the right to sit in the front passenger seat and gain access to the holy aux cord!

But have you ever wondered why it’s called shotgun?

The answer lies in the old American west. The great American frontier was a place of incredible opportunities but also incredible danger. The west was rich in minerals like silver and companies like Wells Fargo would transport this silver the the more… ahem… civilised parts of the country.

Now seeing as this transport was largely done via stagecoach, they were a pretty big target for less than law abiding citizens to attack. So how do you protect the stagecoach?

With a big ass shotgun! The weapon of choice for taking on chasing riders. And so these stagecoaches would have a driver and a guard who sat next to the driver… riding shotgun.

So there the have it, the history of riding shotgun on a post-it!

GG Everyone

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