GGAL: Post-its!

Sup Post Master Generals! (Yeah I’m not feeling it either)

Welcome back to GGAL! Or should I say… GGAL Post-its.

Wait, What!?! GGAL Post-its? That sounds different. That sounds new. Michael I’m scared! (I know it’s what you guys are thinking). But fear not dear readers, all will be explained. GGAL Post-its is a brand new series that I will be rolling out in the next few days. And it is gonna be legend, wait for it… like a long running sitcom that you want to get better but it keeps declining… dary.

So what is the post-it series? Well it’s the classic GGAL content you know and love, but bite sized. Plenty of gaming related lessons but condensed into just a few hundred words!

Of course I will add any links or references you may need if you wanna delve deeper into the subjects as it probably won’t be the most comprehensive explanations of the topics.

It will be short and sweet. Speaking of sweet, Halloween is almost here and I have one last treat for you guys to close out the holiday. So keep you eyes peeled.

GG Everyone

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