An SOS from the Darkness

Sup Sun Shines’!

Welcome back to Ghosts, Ghouls and Lagging!

Oh who am I kidding. I have no idea if this will reach anyone. Honestly, I’m doing this for my own sanity more than anything else. Something has gone wrong. I have been sitting here in my house for 3 days now… alone… in the dark.

It started a few days ago, I realised it after I posted my last article. The sun went down as normal, but that was the last bit of normal I ever saw again. The sun never came back up. The night just won’t end. My roommates, my girlfriend, they never came home. I should have went looking, I know. I feel so guilty, but I was just petrified with fear. Should I look for them, or should I stay here? I don’t know.


It’s quiet now. At first it wasn’t. you could hear gunshots, screaming, looting. Now nothing. I don’t dare say anything out loud. There is something out there. I know it.

Most of the power has gone out now. At first the news was reporting everything, but now there is nothing but static. I’m still getting 4G but that’s it. I’m just waiting here in the dark. It’s so cold, and no wonder, it’s 2 PM and it’s pitch black. I’ve looked out my windows a couple times, the entire street is dark. I have no idea if they are alive. Hopefully they’re hiding in their homes the same as me. I can’t be the only one. I can’t. So what do you guys think? Should I keep writing?

This is midday


The taps have gone dry. Not surprised, I figured it would happen sooner or later. I filled up a few bottles but I know I can’t stay here forever. I just went through my pantry, there’s 9 cans of soup and about 14 cans of various vegetables. I can only eat them cold right now, don’t want to attract any attention with a fire. Ok guys, should I check out my neighbours’? If they are alive it would be nice to have some company. If not… well they may have some more supplies. So? Should I go?


The neighbours weren’t there. Honestly I’m relieved. I just couldn’t see a body. I just really wouldn’t be able to handle that right now. Not with how fragile my mind is right now. I found some more cans and medicine. That’s a relief. Some water too, he had a cooler in his basement. Thank God for that. It’s so damn dark. I wish I could use my lamp. The darkness gets pretty claustrophobic, you can almost feel it every time you inhale. Would It be so bad if I turned on my lamp. Just for a minute. Guys? I need you to make the call for me. Should I turn it on?


I feel so much better. The light is really helping. I’ve kept all my blinds shut of course. But having the lamp there… my mind has been able to calm down for once. And you know what? I even feel like I’m a little bit warmer. I don’t know if its a placebo from the lamp, but I feel it has gotten a few degrees warmer. Maybe I might even try cooking some food later! Anyway, I’m gonna keep a look out onto the street.


Ok Ok Ok. Guys… there’s someone out there. I am freaking out. It looks like a man. I thought he might be friendly so I called out to him. I wish I hadn’t. He just stood there, looking the other way. He’s been like that for 3 hours now. I’m so screwed. What ever he is, he certainly isn’t human… at least not anymore. Obviously I have turned off all the lights now. But if that thing is cognisant, he knows I’m here. Should I run? Or hide?

It’s been like this for 4 hours


It’s in the house. I should have ran. I think it’s looking for me. It keeps making grunting noises, so I doubt I can reason with it. All I can hope is that it ignores me. I’m hiding in the bathroom.

It just broke through the bedroom door. I think it’s coming. I assume this is the end. Goodbye guys.

He’s getting closer


iTs fiNE. I SURVived. DONt worrY.


IM OUTside yoUR WIndOW.

LEt ME iN.



Thanks for playing. Did you have fun? Now in case you haven’t realised what just happened, you just got to play my own little version of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). In this case, it was based on my absolute favourite ARG right now called The Sun Vanished. It’s done completely through a Twitter account and details a guys story of how he tries to survive in a world where the sun has, well… vanished. It’s an amazing body of work and you should definitely check it out.

So what exactly is an Alternate Reality Game you may ask? Well, it’s a game (come to GGAL for the stories, stay for the knowledge). But in this case, the game isn’t played on an Xbox or PC, it’s played in real life. And while I say game, interactive narrative is probably a better description. While these ARG’s can be a lot of fun, such as the Sun Vanished, they can also make for some kick ass marketing tools.

Now what I wrote isn’t strictly an ARG since you didn’t really have a choice in the narrative, but then again, I am a mean old cat so the choices would probably have sucked anyway! The important thing is that you get the gist. Oh and if you liked this creepy story then maybe check out some creepy pasta! (Yeah I cringed too). In particular, my personal favourite creepy pasta’s which you can check out here.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it from me. Did you enjoy the game? What about ARG’s in general? I’d love to know what you think. Just remember… the sun will come out tomorrow!

So see you next time for see more tales from the crypt Ghosts, Ghouls and Lagging!

GG Everyone

6 thoughts on “An SOS from the Darkness

  1. My favourite ever ARG was Perplex City, which incorporated gorgeous collectable trading cards with puzzles on them (which you could solve online to earn points), a series of websites “from another dimension”, IRC chats with people from said other dimension and real-world events, all in the name of tracking down a mysterious cube.

    I never attended any of the in-person events, but I sat in on some of the IRC chats and the way everything intertwined with blog updates and all sorts of other stuff was really cool. I miss it a lot, but I still have my collection of cards to enjoy looking at.

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  2. You think this is a game? When will people stop thinking this is a game. The sun has vanished, I’m all alone, I have Twitter and that’s all, people think I’m joking. It’s so dark I can’t sleep. Why don’t you want to help me. Help me. Please…

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