My Top 13 Creepy Pasta for October 2018

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Welcome back to Ghosts, Ghouls and Lagging.

Now I absolutely love myths, legends and conspiracy theories. There’s something beautiful about hearing a story that’s probably fake but feels just about real enough to give you goosebumps. So I  figured why not do a list on the best modern day urban legends that the internet has to offer! Also, if you love urban legends as much as I do, than why not check out my recent post on the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

Also, I now a lot of creepy pasta have some terrifying images (cough… Jeff the killer… cough) so for all our collective relief, I will NOT be using any of those pics. You’re welcome.

abandoned creepy decay dirty
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13. Herobrine

Since this is a gaming site, I think it’s fitting to have a game related creepypasta. Herobrine is an alleged entity that stalks the player on Minecraft servers. Signs of his presence include strange sand structures and trees without leaves. Come to think about it, my house server did have this weird forest…

12. Annie96 is Typing

A true creepy pasta for the social media generation. The entire story unfolds via a text conversation between a guy (mcdavey) and the titular annie96. What begins as a casual, flirty conversation descends into something much darker. Soon Annie96 realises that she is not home alone and Mcdavey can do nothing but wait for the next message.

11. Wake up

It has been reported that some victims of torture, during the act, would retreat into a fantasy world from which they could not wake up. In this catatonic state, the victim lived in a world just like their normal one, except they weren’t being tortured. The only way that they realized they needed to wake up was a note they found in their fantasy world. It would tell them about their condition, and tell them to wake up. Even then, it would often take months until they were ready to discard their fantasy world and please wake up.


10. Abandoned By Disney

Nothing bad could ever happen at Disney right? Well, what if there was a resort? What if it was abandoned? What if you went inside? What if you saw a door? What if it were open? What if you went inside? What if you saw some mascots? What if you wished you didn’t?

9. Lavender Town Syndrome

I loved the Pokemon games and so when I heard about a rumor that the Lavender Town music from the original Pokemon games killed people, I had to check it out. At first I mostly wrote it off, but then I found out that the music was changed for the international port of the game. So maybe there was truth to it? I’ll let you try and find out.

close up photo of purple lilac flowers
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8. Jeff the Killer

This one’s a classic. But to be honest, the picture hits me harder than story itself. Not to saw the story isn’t terrifying itself. A horrific murderer that was born via a traumatic childhood event, terrible disfigurement and descent into mental insanity. What was left was a monster with bleached white skin, a huge red grin and a rivalry with batman. At least he helps you sleep.

7. The Russian Sleep Experiment

Government experiments and playing God… what could go wrong? A lot. Like a lot a lot.  5 political prisoners are fed a gas that prevents them from sleeping, and then… stuff happens. At first everything is fine, but soon their conditions take a turn for the horrific. Screaming, self-mutilation and then the awakening of something truly dark.

6. NoEnd House

Ever been in one of those cheap haunted houses. Crony props, music and actors. A staple of all little carnivals. Well the No End House is something far worse. 9 Rooms. If you can get through them all you win $500! Sweet! Or maybe not. The rooms begin pretty mildly, but after room 3, the bounds of reality begin to distort. Soon you realise that the threshold of these rooms hold what seem to be the gates of hell. Care to go in?

5. Candle Cove

Puppets suck. I hate them. That and claymation. I think it’s probably down to the uncanny valley affect, but yeah, hate them. So imagine a children’s show with, low budget with lots of puppets. Creeps me out, but I’m sure we can all remember shows like that. Well Candle Cove was apparently like that, but way way darker. And what’s worse was the effect it had on the viewers minds. Also the main bad guy stole children’s skin. So there’s that.

chinese puppet
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4. Ben Drowned

Kids, don’t take video games from strangers. You never know what exactly your taking home with you. Worse than lagging, glitches or hacks. The story here revolves around an unusual copy of the game Majora’s Mask, of the Legend of Zelda franchise. After opening the game up things got strange. Music would be distorted and the game itself would behave abnormally. Soon it became clear that this game wasn’t broken, it was haunted. And when it comes to disturbing the dead; “you shouldn’t have done that”

3. The Expressionless

A woman with the face of a mannequin walks into a hospital. It doesn’t go well. This creepypasta is genuine horror movie material. A faceless woman with a dead kitten in her jaw is a truly terrifying way to begin a story. It doesn’t get any better. Restrained and drugged by the doctors, the woman lays in a bed, firmly secured. It wasn’t enough. Not when your’e dealing with GOD.

2. Psychosis

This is a fantastic creepypasta. As someone who appreciates good writing, this is definitely a fantastic piece of work. It revolves around a man who believes that something has gone wrong in the outside world. No matter how much he tries to reassure himself that all is well, something tells him that as soon as he steps out his door it will get him. What is it? Who knows. But as a short story, this is one of my favorites.

1. Slenderman

I had to. I know he’s cliched. I know he’s overused. I know he’s standing right behind you. But c’mon man, this one is a classic. Originally nothing more than an experiment to see if it was possible to create a new urban legend, Slenderman has evolved to become a culture of his (it’s?) own. It’s the granddaddy of creepypasta land and a deserving number 1 on this list.

backlit dark dawn environment
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So there you have it guys and ghouls! My top 13 creepy pasta of all time (so far). But what do you think? Does this list terrify you as much as it did me (trust me researching the list was nightmare inducing)? Any of stories you think I’ve missed? I’d love to hear what y’all think!

Anyway, I’ve got to go now as it’s gonna be a busy day so I guess I will see you next time on Ghosts, Ghouls and Lagging… why is it so dark? Guy’s what’s going on? It’s 9 AM over here and I can’t see anything. Where is the sun? What’s happening?! I have to go… something is… wrong.

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