Gamer Confessions: Easing back in

Hey confessioners!

Welcome back to GGAL!

It’s certainly been a while since the last proper GGAL post hasn’t it? I mean I have been posting for the Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep competition, the last entry of which you can check out here (cough cough… quarterfinalist semifinalist finalist winner… cough cough).

Now I must admit, my schedule has been pretty busy lately with the conclusion of my FINAL EVER COURSEWORK. That’s right kids, as of September 4th, I had finally stopped being in school… at the age of 23… no wonder my parents are disappointed.

Anyway, to celebrate, I said “to hell with researching a new topic for an article! I’m gonna be lazy and leech of the efforts of someone else.” And while I was looking through my WordPress feed, I saw the perfect post to do said leeching off. Cheap Boss Attack recently wrote a post called Writer’s Block: Gamer Confessionswhich is essentially a list of personal video game related questions. So I’m copying it… scratch that, I’m stealing it! After all you know what they say about great artists…

Anyways, I think that’s enough of all the chit chat so list start!

A game that everyone loves that you can’t stand

Fortnite. I’m sorry. I really am. I know that this game is pretty much the only game that exists according to the internet. And yes, I have written a post about it and will continue to do so. All my friends love it and so do my roommates, but for me it’s just kind of meh. It’s OK, I can play a couple games every now and then. But I just get exhausted, and really can’t be bothered to wait for another game just cause I died (and I die a lot… in every game I play… even freaking Minecraft). Sorry internet.


A game that you love, but no one else seems to

So this one is a little unfair because I am basing this choice on my immediate group of friends. I really loved Darkest Dungeon, but I wouldn’t say my friends hate it as much as they probably don’t know it (wow that makes me sound like a douchey hipster). After play and loving Dark Souls 3, I needed a game to fill my unnecessarily high difficulty shaped void. Enter Darkest Dungeon, the creepy, Gothic, side-scrolling nightmare that my best friend gave this review: “I’d rather play Portal Knights”.

Photo by Jorge Rojas on Unsplash

An older game you haven’t finished and probably never will.

If I go way back to the early gaming days of my childhood, then this is gonna be a long list. Everything from Rayman to Croc has unfortunately fallen into that hole due to my pathetic attention span back then (not to say it’s a hell of a lot better now). So, my choice will instead by the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign. MW2 (as we kids used to call it) was one of my favourite multiplayer games ever. I remember playing this to the early hours of the morning every weekend with my friends (I didn’t get out much). But for all the fun I had with the multiplayer, I just couldn’t get into the campaign. Why? No clue. I enjoyed the original Modern Warfare campaign as well as that of World at War, but for some reason, this just didn’t tickle my marshmallows.

police army commando special task force
Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on

A guilty pleasure game

Yeah… so you know how I mentioned Minecraft? Look, there’s just something really satisfying about stacking blocks… on blocks. It’s not just me though, my roommates are hooked on the game as well. You should see some of the crap that we’ve built on our joint server. We’ve got skyscrapers, a cruise being attacked by a kraken and a roller coaster. Yeah, many and hour has been wasted but all completely worth it.

architecture blocks blue sky bridge
Photo by Pixabay on

A Game that you really love but haven’t played in a long time

When I was younger there was a period when I had gotten a little bored of my PS2 and had not yet gotten my Xbox 360. This time was marked by my love for the real time strategy genre. Everything from Age of Empires to Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth. They were all awesome though I always cheated… just cause I liked the games, it doesn’t mean I was any good. But the cream of the crop fro my was Rome: Total War. The other RTS’s were great but nothing was as awesome as commanding huge armies of thousands and crashing them into your enemies like waves onto a beach. It definitely has been too long…

colosseum coliseum flavian amphitheatre rome
Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on

A game you never play seriously, but others do

Oops. I guess I already mentioned RTS games. Yeah for most enthusiasts they are a serious competition of skill and tactics. Not me though. I cheat. All the time. My favourite one to cheat in is Age of Mythology. I mean, the game already has Minotaurs and Mummys right? So what’s really the harm of throwing in some Canadian bears that fly and shoot lasers from their eyes? I rest my case.

ancient architecture art cosmos
Photo by Pixabay on

A game you completed but hated by the end

It’s gotta be the original Assassin’s Creed. Look, I think the core game play loop was awesome, the world was awesome and the premise was awesome. But it got old real fast and by the end I just couldn’t bare it anymore. I was pretty much crawling over that finish line.

A game you thought you’d enjoy but didn’t

Now people who know me also know that I love the Dark Souls series. Dark Souls 1 and 3 are some of my favourite games of all time. But Dark Souls 2? I’m sorry. I really am. I tried to like it so hard. But that stupid viking town with the darkness monsters just completely put me off. This isn’t Dark Souls?! Now I know that this wasn’t made by the original team and in many was this is actually a very decent game. But it’s not for me.


A game you didn’t think was for you, and then you loved.

So remember how I really hated Assassin’s Creed by the end? Well it turns out, the game I was actually looking for was Assassin’s Creed 2. My expectations weren’t high going into this game largely due to my disappointment for the original. But I got both games as part of a bundle so I was determined to carry on. And my God am I glad I did. This game was honestly everything I wanted from a game with the title “Assassin’s Creed”. Fantastic combat (and of course assassinations), light RPG mechanics, side missions and puzzles. This game was such a step up from the original and I so glad I gave it a shot.

florence cathedral
Photo by Pixabay on

A game you are excited for that hasn’t come out yet

There are a lot of big titles coming soon that really shiver me timbers, but I’ve got to give it to Fallout 76. I love Fallout games, I love Bethesda game and I love coop games. I really don’t think there is much else to say!

Photo by rabedirkwennigsen on

Well that wraps it up folks! A fun little list to get back into the groove of things. If you’d like to have a crack at these questions well then be my guest (I certainly don’t have the moral high ground to stop you). Finally, we’re in October now! The month of Halloween which means I have a few tricks (and treats) in store for y’all. So please remember to stay tuned.

GG Everyone.



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