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Sup peeps

Welcome back to GGAL, or more specifically, the second edition of GGE3!

Now I know were all busy people, so let’s not waste time with the pleasantries, let’s get into the next exciting installment. Last time I went out all guns blazing with my absolute top picks for E3 2018, today were gonna drop it down a gear and talk about some attractions that have caught my eye, but are not yet totally worthy of the prestige of being hyped by this totally unheard of internet blog (but you have unheard of me).

Honorable mentions

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course; charming, silver screen age cartoon animations paired with Dark Souls level of difficulty all while being coop. If that sounds good than this DLC may just… ahem… hit the spot (sorry not sorry). Astroneer kinda reminds me of No Man’s Sky, but with a lot more charm and, fingers crossed, a lot less lies. Now I know you’re probably sick of battle royale games by now (I certainly am), but Rapture Rejects might not suck with a weird, but admittedly cool, blend of PUBG and Cyanide and Happiness… yeah that’s what I said, check it out. Sea of Solitude looks hauntingly beautiful and will hopefully tackle its story in a manner that is worthy of its visuals. Ooblets looks fun, cute and filled to the brim with customisation.

Podium Time

Number 3: Halo Infinite

Ok ok, I know Halo isn’t exactly the “little game that could”, it’s a damn behemoth. Surely, this monster of a game should not be in a list that, up to this point, has mainly been populated by indie titles. Well I’ve got a good reason… actually I have two. Firstly, all we’ve gotten so far is a teaser. Yeah, it was a good one with stunning vistas that perhaps hint at an open, or at least, partially open world. But, at this stage it really isn’t much to go on. The more important reason for why I am more intrigued than I am hyped is because of 343 Industries. Since Bungie left they’re star franchise, Halo hasn’t seen its best days. Halo 5 was largely a let down and at this point, there is no guarantee that the Prodigal Chief can make a meaningful return. I hope he can cause I would love to start finishing the fight again.

Number 2: Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores

The two new (free) expansions announced for Sea of Thieves is in a very similar position to Halo Infinity. However, the is a big reason why it’s a place higher on the list and that is because I believe the IP is at a crossroads. Halo is a huge franchise and while I truly hope that it can recapture It’s previous magic, I don’t believe that the brand lives of dies by this next title. Sea of Thieves on the other hand is… well different. I was so pumped for this game before it originally released, but now my opinions have drifted away (I’m on fire). The game was painfully lacking in any real content and after a few hours of playing it, I felt so robbed that I was beginning to question what the motivation of the games title was. But Rare have returned with a promise that the content issues will be a thing of the past and the game will finally be able to live up to its incredible potential. If they don’t, then this franchise will sink faster than the Pirates of the Caribbean (what has Disney done to you?!?!)

Number 1: We Happy Few

Enough of the doom and gloom, now for a game with some real… er doom and gloom. The deliciously dark game was originally announced at E3 in 2016 but after a couple years of alpha testing, it’s finally making it’s entrance. Based in a fictional, dystopian, British city in the 1960’s, We Happy Few looks to be an intriguing blend of Bioshock and Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. With  a stylised, LSD infused visual that makes the city’s bright colours look uncomfortably deceiving, it could just be the spiritual successor to Rapture that I never knew I wanted. The setting is awesome; a city where everyone abuses a drug called JOY, which numbs them of the horrors of reality, is worryingly relatable for modern society but still sounds like a heck of a ride. From what I’ve seen of the game play, it looks as if there will be a strong sense of exploration which is exactly what I want to hear, after all what the point of creating an amazing world if I can’t discover it myself. Honestly, I’m not completely sure what  to expect from this game, but if it can provide a few hours of immersive escapism, than by all means I’m willing to pop some JOY and fall down the rabbit hole; I wonder what I’ll find?

Well that’s It for today, GGE3 is still going and more content is on the way!

GG Everyone


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