The No-Respawn List!

Sup overachievers!

Welcome back everyone, my name’s Michael and welcome back to another episode of GGAL. I hope everyone’s having a great day and just wanna says thank you so much for helping me get to……….

(pause for ad)

……………. A whopping 4 views on my last post. Just wanted to say I couldn’t do it without you and this week lets try and hit 5! And so, without further ado, lets get into this game…

Ok, now that i’m done making fun of every YouTube gamer ever, back to being mean and bitter. So seeing as i’m working on an essay for class and that this post will likely be little more than procrastination, i’ve decided to do something a little different for this week. One of my favourite bloggers/youtubers/podcasters/general internet presences is called Thomas Frank and runs the College Info Geek site. He was actually one of my biggest inspirations for getting into writing and if you want to learn more college/ young people stuff he has some really great tools. But one of the things he’s done that I absolutely love is something called his impossible list. The concept here is pretty simple; a checklist of everything he wants to achieve in this life before that metaphorical storm comes and takes him out of the game.

Now when I first saw his list I thought it was insane, some fo the stuff he wants to do (as well as some of the things he has done) is pretty crazy, I mean were talking cycling up a mountain kinda insane. So, seeing as I’m still pretty young and have often caught myself saying “i’d like to do that”, to myself, I’ve decided to create my own list. Since all my stuff is gaming related, and this is just a glorified “bucket list”, i’m gonna call it my No-Respawn List. Just a quick note, this list is very much intended to be a living piece, so I will try to regularly update it for progress or even new goals. Think of it as an early access game or Sea of Thieves with actual progression. Also, not everything I ever hope to do will be on here, these goals generally revolve around self-improvement, obviously some personal things will be kept to myself.


Academic Goals

  • Graduate (that’s about as much school as I can stomach)



  • Work at least a year for a company I’ve heard of
  • Hit an annual income of £40k per year
  • Be involved in a start-up company
  • Own a piece of property (not 100% on this but that’s another subject for another post)
  • Receive my first piece of passive income
  • Earn my first penny from this blog (don’t look at me like that!)
  • Earn my first penny of freelance work
  • Pay off my student debts



  • Complete a half marathon (lol)
  • Complete a marathon (LOL)
  • Climb a mountain
  • Complete a 100 pushup set
  • Weigh less than 180 lbs (yikes)
  • Intermittent fasting for a year
  • Bench press 300
  • Squat 300
  • Deadlift 300
  • Do 10 pullups
  • Meditate for an hour
  • Undergo a course of allergy shots
  • Actually finish P90X for once



  • Make a game using RPGMaker
  • Make a game that’s self-coded
  • Learn some level of coding
  • Write a book
  • Write a novel
  • Learn to surf
  • Attend a convention and represent GGAL
  • Start a podcast (GGAL)
  • Start a YouTube channel (GGAL)
  • Meet one of my inspirations
  • Collaborate with an inspiration
  • Finally learn Japanese (I’m half, don’t ask and don’t tell my mom)
  • Write an article for another website
  • Get paid to write an article for another website
  • Earn a football coaching licence
  • Manage a football (association) team to a real life win
  • Read 100 books
  • Reach 100 views on a GGAL article
  • Catch a shark (again)



  • Win the league title in Pro Clubs of any Fifa
  • Beat Dark Souls 3 NG +7
  • Train 6 Pokémon to level 100
  • Reach Town Hall 11 on Clash of Clans (No gems)
  • Get every achieve in all the Bioshocks (Xbox)
  • Become a pirate legend on Sea of Thieves (I don’t hate the game)
  • Explore the darkest dungeon
  • Win a game of HQ


Like I said before, this list is in no way finished and I’m looking to add to it regularly. I have no idea what happens if I actually manage to 100% this list but hopefully I can add to it regularly enough that this will never happen, after all the game never stops at GGAL.


Until next time, GG everyone.



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