The Journey Begins… (Almost)

Welcome back you playable characters!

Before we can get this journey off the ground in earnest, we have one last bit of prep left to do. Now that we’ve all agreed about going on this ole quest of mine (I mean at least I agreed, you just kinda have to sit there while I talk at you), we need a map! A roadmap! We need to know where in seven hells were going (that’s right I got references for days). So what am I going to do with this blog? well to be completely honest … I’m not 100% sure. But don’t you worry now, just because I’m no clairvoyant and haven’t fully got the endgame content sorted doesn’t mean I’m clueless. To paraphrase my second favourite clown (no one takes your spot Krusty): the mob has plans, the cops have plans and I have plans.

Since this is my blog then that means I have every right to be as self-involved as this guy:

Arrogant guy.png
“Jacques Houdek” by EuroVisionary

So, let’s talk about ME. What are my personal goals that I hope to share with you on this blog? In a word: life. In 4 words: Git Gud at Life. That’s right, it’s not just called that to make fun of you, it’s the basis of what I want to do; I need to GIT GUD. More specifically, I need to git gud at a few core aspects including but not limited to: education, personal finance, fitness, career and some other personal projects. Now I know that might not sound that interesting, but I promise, I’m gonna do everything in my power to gamify and generally make what can be some pretty dry topics into “certified 10 out of 10”, “would swipe right”, “got a need for read” material!

Well, since I’m in the final 6 months of my degree (and hopefully any kind of academic life in general) that’s probably a good starting point. In case you don’t know (and I really hope you don’t, seeing as I haven’t told you yet), I’m a finance student. Now that doesn’t mean that I’m some super preppy kid on an assembly line destined for an investment bank (though my parents and my bank account wish I were). No, I’m just a student who recognises that finance kinda matters and realised that I’ve never really been taught it, and so I choose to delay the real world by a year and do a masters degree. Since my current occupation says “student”, then its probably fitting that I at least write a little about University/College life (even though I chose to spend most of mine in the safety of indoors). And while my school is no college of Winterhold, there is still plenty of interesting things worth talking about, whether that be what I’m learning in the classroom, or just the general goings on around campus. I’m even considering writing a few revision articles once I get closer to exam season, these will be my attempts to “learn by teaching”. Wait, no don’t leave the page just yet! I promise that these articles won’t be the reading equivalent of training on Level 1 boars like in that WoW episode of South Park. No, they will be just as fun (trash) as all the other stuff I’m gonna post.

Now did I say I was a finance student? OMG what a beautiful Segue!

A beautiful segway.png
Darth Vader on a segway in the Edmond 4th of July Parade by Wesley Fryer
Alternatively, a beautiful Segway

I will also be talking about some finance and in particular personal finance. Now that doesn’t mean I’m an expert (though if you’ve been making a note of the quality of my writing, you probably already knew that), on the contrary looking at my online banking makes me want to cry. I am however a keen student of personal finance, and I’m pretty damn aware that if I have any chance of succeeding in my future, then I’m gonna need to git gud at this stuff. So hopefully you can watch me try and fail (and fail and fail) at taking care of my finances so that I can finally afford to support that healthy Fortnite addiction (those dance moves don’t buy themselves).

Building on finance is my hopes for a semi-functioning career. Now if I were to help you comprehend how much of a grey area this topic is for me (cause I want to do both everything and nothing at the same time) then it would look a lot like CoD: World at War. I have loads of different career ambitions that generally point towards businessy stuff. But this is hardly set in stone and my use of the word “generally” is so loose that that kid on Xbox Live probably claims it’s your mother.

Next is fitness. Lol.

Finally, are the various miscellaneous side projects and ambitions. This is kinda like the real-world equivalent of collecting all the feathers in Assassins Creed 2: it’s definitely random, it seems pointless, but it might be useful in the end. These side projects vary in scope, ranging from getting into meditation to creating my own game using RPGMaker to eventually building up a personal brand. Yeah there is so much stuff I want to get into, and that doesn’t even mention all the video game stuff I’d like to write about, but just getting into that could be its own book (hmm a book? That could be interesting…).

So yeah! Sorry if this first proper article was a bit long but I felt it was important to have a bit of a guide before we fall into the rabbit hole that I really hope this blog will become. Honestly, though, this article only scratches the surface of all the stuff I can talk about, and even if it’s not something I mentioned here, doesn’t mean it won’t find its way onto my little slice of the internet. Now if this blog doesn’t sound like its something for you, that’s cool, it won’t hurt my feelings, I promise. However, for the rest of you that are as fired up as I am: WOULD YOU KINDLY stay tuned for more?

GG Everyone.


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